Homeless Family Rescue-Help A Local Homeless Family With Children Direct At Their Point Of Need Now! Our Only Hope Is That YOU Care!
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Governor Brown:Help A Homeless Family With Children

By Homeless Family Rescue (Contact)

To be delivered to: Governor Jerry Brown

Petition Statement
Help A Homeless Family With Children In San Diego Living "Down By The River" In A Rat-Chewed Tent End Their 5 Years Of Homelessness, Harassment And Exploitation By The Local Heartless Politicians,Social Services And Charities! Our Only Hope Is That YOU CARE!

Petition Background

My Family And I Have Been Homeless In San Diego Living "Down By The River' In A Rat-Chewed Tent For Nearly 5 Years With No Help From Social Services, Politicians Or Charities! There Are No Whole Family Shelters Available And Social Services Offers No Help Unless We Voluntarily Sign Our Children Over To Their Control! We Will Sleep In The Gutter First Before We Ever Split Up! Governor Brown, This Is An Emergency Situation And Since We Are Being Denied Necessary Services By The City Of San Diego And Being Harassed You Need To Take Action To End Our Homelessness And Daily Suffering!

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